The World’s First Travel Spa at Heathrow

British Airways passengers can now experience a unique Molton Brown travel service as they pass through Terminal 4 Departures at Heathrow.

Whilst many travellers are exploring the globe, they are becoming increasingly aware of the pressures it can put on the body and senses. The universal understanding that long journeys can result in feeling fatigued and disorientated means that consumers have been calling for more spa services. It would seem that Molton Brown and British Airways have found the answer.


Molton Brown has been working in partnership with British Airways to enhance the travel experience and develop the world’s first travel therapy centre dedicated to putting passengers back in control of their own wellbeing. Located in the British Airways Lounge Pavilion, the Molton Brown Travel Spa provides complimentary services for the air travellers on Concorde, First, Club Europe, Club World or Silver and Gold Executive members.

Those who want to stop the world and step off for a while can move from the travel environment into a sensory wellbeing zone. The Molton Brown Travel Spa , is a dedicated therapy centre filled with mood-sensitive colours, aromas, sounds and sensations harmonized with soothing textures, lighting and state-of-the-art design.


Created exclusively for international travellers, the Travel Spa offers a ground-breaking range of performance services, from sleep enhancers and nerve stabilisers, to mind-sharpeners.

Each treatment is designed to send travellers on their journey ready for work or relaxation.

For those with only ten minutes to spare, the unique oriental head and shoulder massages can prepare and realign the flow of energies and harmonize the mind and body.

Pre-flight prepares the body and spirit: helps to reduce stress, headaches and disorientation.

Post-flight realigns the body and spirit: helps to reduce congestion, stiffness and swelling.

The Travel Companion is a revitalising and reviving therapy for those wanting to soothe frayed nerves and combat travel fatigue and jet lag. The aromatic oils of Oak Moss, Armoise and Thyme are particularly good for uneasy travellers, settling and comforting the mind and spirits.


The Travel Spa also presents Steam and Shower Suites, developed in association with Pharo Hansgrohe, the shower suites deliver maximum benefits in the minimum of time.

Within the Immune Booster Steam Cabins, travellers can experience the unique sensation of Molton Brown`s eucalyptus infusion therapy. Using Pharo Hansgrohe technology, the powerful effects of intense steam fuse with pure eucalyptus and deliver the aromas directly into the body. Step out of the cabin with a bolstered immune system, clear sinuses, cleansed pores, boosted cardiovascular rate, relaxed muscles and improved skin tone.

There is also Stimulating Steam to alert the senses with a cool jet hydromassage and Relaxing Steam to soothe the senses with warm jet hydromassage. Body Jet Hydrotherapy Showers are designed to wash-away the day and adjustable body jets pummel from all angles to give muscles and mind the benefits of an intense cleansing, toning aqua massage and sheer sense of total wellbeing.

The list of unsurpassed spa therapies is endless and range from; the Equilibrium Spritzer for Men, a dedicated treatment to rebalance and energise male skin. Including skin brushing, exfoliating and hi-performance cleansing with wheatgerm oil to improve circulation, comfort and condition. Through to Yuan Zhi Peacemake, the spa’s most popular therapy for those wanting to relax and sleep on board or to simply unwind. It comprises an exotic blend of pure oils of Ylang Ylang, Indian Cardamom and French Lavender combine to soothe the spirit and promote as sense of complete wellbeing.

For international travellers - this spa is an absolute must!