Meadowood Napa Valley Expands Health Spa Experience

Meadowood Napa Valley, America`s premier wine country destination, is leading the resort spa evolution with its Health Spa`s mission to be a dedicated fitness and wellness resource for its guests and members.
The Health Spa has three new signature treatments. The Valley Stone Massage, Cascading Stone Massage, and Vineyard Polish are three rejuvenating and energizing treatments just added to the spa menu. The menu is consistently refined and developed to further enhance the Health Spa`s dedication to deepening the connection between therapist and guest. Furthermore, the property announces an extensive renovation and expansion of the hiking trail network; a valuable asset intrinsic to the outdoor programs and activities offered by Meadowood and its ultimate holistic spa experience.
Cascading Stone massages will enjoy a dynamic and unique stone therapy encounter. The Valley Stone Massage applies warm, soothing basalt stones and chilled invigorating marble stones to induce deep relaxation and harmony within. Blending thermotherapy and massage for 80 minutes, it stimulates the mind, body and spirit and costs $165.00.
Producing lightness of being and an enhanced energy, the Cascading Stone Massage is performed by Meadowood`s core staff therapists after extensive training by therapists Tamara Just and Amy Black. The treatment was conceived as a result of the harmonious relationships developed between the therapists