The Body Holiday with LeSport, St. Lucia

Formerly known as Cariblue and German owned, this spa resort is quite typically European. It has an excellent private beach and overall excellent facilities, but it is clearly the spa emphasis which gives this resort its identity. The centrepiece of the spa facilities is the Oasis, and the pampering body treatments here are a complimentary part of the all inclusive package.

LeSport offers a unique all-inclusive holiday concept: the chance to break free from your daily routine and come and play in the friendly Caribbean sun and, as a bonus, a host of activities and special cares whose sole purpose is the utmost well-being of your body and mind. The freedom to fashion your holiday without concern for what things cost is a pleasure in itself and LeSport proffers such an abundance of delights that you will enjoy what you consider the perfect holiday. The epicureans will relish our succulent feasts and fun-loving sprit. Sports enthusiasts of all calibre can indulge in their favourite games alone or with the help of competent and patient instructors. And finally, holiday-makers who want to rid themselves of physical and mental stress can take refuge in the Oasis, our health care centre.

Although we offer spa facilities, LeSport is above all synonymous with freedom and relaxation; this means that we`ll neither lecture nor pressure you. We simply invite you to take time to find yourself again in a setting of enchanting beauty, among people who, like yourself, came here in search of a renewed sense of vigour and harmony, of a state of well-being that will stay with them long after the holiday is over. Whichever way you choose to achieve this feeling of contentment, we promise to send you home refreshed, reinvigorated, and more serene.

The Oasis, with its unforgettable view of sky and sea, its Moorish architecture reminiscent of gentler, calmer times, and the soothing murmur of its water fountains, is an ideal retreat where you can free your mind by pampering your body. It is here that we take care of you with a series of relaxing and rejuvenating health and beauty treatments. After an initial consultation, you can either follow a structured programme of treatments that we`ll design for you, or you can choose whichever ones you prefer. Some of these treatments use the beneficial mineral properties of sea-water and seaweed. The Hydro Massage, for example, stimulates the outer layer of skin and relieves tension, thanks to powerful jets of water which massage the body and allow it to absorb mineral nutrients. Our Salt Loofah Rub is simply wonderful: your skin is scrubbed gently with a loofah sponge and sea-salt, then rubbed with find oils that leave it as soft as satin. The seaweed facial and hair treatment will give you a radiant complexion and silky, lustrous hair. And of course, you can enjoy sauna baths, invigorating shower massages, reflexology foot massages, and a dip in our plunge pools or a massage in our jet stream pool. At the Oasis, you will savour moments of perfect harmony between the body and mind.

In our modern air-conditioned gym, we offer aerobics classes and our instructors lead a series of exercises designed to sculpt and tone the body: there are sessions for all levels. If you prefer calmer activities, you might want to try our yoga classes or our Stress Management sessions, or work alone in our weights room. The positive effects of physical activity on the mind are well documented. Consequently, if you give free reign to your body, you will only feel better for it.


The food at LeSport was inspired by Michel Guérard, the French chef who made cuisine légère an art form, and is simply superb. You will savour meals that are light, nutritious, and flavourful, all prepared with the finest fresh ingredients. At breakfast and lunch, our buffet tables are laden with fruits, salads and cooked dishes, all of them so tempting you don`t know which to sample first. Dinner is more formal and a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. From our cuisine légère menu, you can enjoy delicate veal scallops with champagne sabayon and fresh asparagus, followed by a dessert of poached pears and pear sorbet, for example. Our á la carte menu offers dishes that are just as succulent, for those who laugh at calories or simply like to indulge. All of these, of course, are served with fine wines.

You can prepare yourself for this feast by taking an apéritif on the terrace overlooking the sea, or in our elegant Piano Bar. After dinner, you may want to be entertained at the Terrace Bar, where every night, local artists put on a spectacular show; or dance to the live sound of island music or great disco music. If, on the other hand, you wish to end the day on a calmer note, you can enjoy a liqueur… or two… or three… in the Piano Bar and stay until sunrise if you like. After all, you are here to enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer.