The Molton Brown Travel Spa at Heathrow Airport

Travelling is cited as the one of our most stressful activities, along with moving home and getting married.  The fear of flying, missing your flight and misplacing your passport all contribute to air-travel anxieties.

Molton Brown is dedicated to and passionate about travel.  The launch of the Molton Brown Travel Spa extends Molton Brownå‘s relationship with British Airways, their å‘well-being partnerå’.

The Molton Brown Travel Spa is the first of its kind; the only spa dedicated to unique performance treatments that enhance your air travel experience, you will not find leg waxing, hair styling or fake tanning here.
Dale Daxon Bowers, Molton Brown’s Creative Director has invested time and technology to create treatments to boost your mind and body while you fly. The Molton Brown Face ZO2ne treatments address cabin pressure and atmospheric conditions, and are designed to prep the skin and retain balance during flight.  The Immune Booster Shower Cabin will provide instant hydrotherapy from the inside out; pummelling fast speed jets of water across your body, whilst eucalyptus steam, a natural antiseptic, is injected into the cabin, and absorbed to protect and strengthen your body.
The Molton Brown Travel Spa provides complimentary therapies exclusively to British Airways passengers travelling with Concorde, First or Club World and Silver or Gold Executive members.
Suede walls, floral scents, water sounds and gentle music will work side by side to cocoon the traveller into a state of empowerment and total well being, in an environment combining limestone, glass, walnut, leather, suede, wenge, eucalyptus and water.
Charles Denton, Marketing Director of Molton Brown says “We aim to provide therapeutic spaces that make good use of the limited time at airports.”

So whether you’ve got a quick ten minutes for a Circulation Therapy or time for a relaxing hydro steam shower, after you’ve checked-in your luggage, check yourself in to the Molton Brown Travel Spa.