Bath Spa Natural Spring Products Ltd has partnered with Luxury Hotel Management PLC to launch the first AQUAE SULIS SPA at the new ICKWORTH HOTEL.

Aristocratic style:
Since the conception of the AQUAE SULIS range, Bath Spa Natural Spring Products Ltd has been searching for a suitable partner to demonstrate the concept of this multi-faceted British spa brand.  The partnership with Ickworth provides an exciting environment for the AQUAE SULIS SPA that will complement and enhance, yet not dominate, the hotelå‘s unique ambience.
The AQUAE SULIS SPA will open in conjunction with The Ickworth Hotel in June 2002. 

Boutique Spa

Laura’s creation of the boutique spa concept stemmed from her challenge to create a calm and uncluttered space to offer consultations and relaxation before a treatment and provide an exclusive retail environment. This challenge will be familiar to many salon and spa managers.

Recreating the flavour of a Spa within a limited space and complying with building restrictions requires careful attention to detail.
“This is an Hotel Boutique Spa,” says the creator Laura Johnson.  “We are aiming to demonstrate the possibilities for recreating a spa feel in a compact space.  We are putting great emphasis on the importance of spa. Our treatments are aimed equally at men and women and our objective is to create a very personal, exclusive club feel to our operation.

The presentation of the AQUAE SULIS range for retail is simple and reflects the atmosphere of a chic city boutique. Individual products are carefully wrapped for a hand-selected feel.”

Your welcome to AQUAE SULIS SPA begins with a sensory journey.

Your journey to the Spa begins with the breathtaking country approach to the Ickworth Estate. Once inside the hotel a flavour of Italian culture blended with contemporary art is a feast to the senses. Walking past the bistro tables and chairs outside Café Inferno, the atmosphere of an original Roman Spa is recreated with flickering torches, soft music and muted voices in this buzzing “street”.

The AQUAE SULIS boutique spa is situated in the Victorian vaulted cellars and was appropriately the laundry rooms for the house. The original wooden washroom counter has been incorporated into the reception area and the system of pulleys and tracks in the ceiling which were there to help move heavy linen baskets, remain intact

The Treatments

A comprehensive collection of treatments is available and range from the simple to the sublime. Face Therapies include the Reviving Spa Facial, a 25 minute purifying and cleansing treatment to the “Slave to your Skin - Roman Pampering Facial”, the ultimate deep cleansing spa facial.

The body beautiful is well catered for with eight body treatments plus aromatherapy massage using pure essential oils to promote vitality, harmony, balance or ultra relaxation.  Hands and Feet also receive individual attention with their own unique AQUAE SULIS “Heavenly Hands” spa manicure and “Fantastic Feet” warm mud pedicure treatments.

Men are catered for too - they can choose from any of the treatments on offer, but several therapies have been designed to address the specific needs of male maintenance.  These include the Performance Facial for Men and the Handsome Hands Hot Mud Spa Manicure.
Guests can choose to experience an individual treatment or combine a number of Roman Day Spa therapies for a complete top-to-toe spa experience.