easyJet Internet sales top 50%

For the week ending 3 October 1999, easyJet sold 50.1% of total seats sold over the Internet, and to mark the airline’s growth in Internet sales the millionth seat bought online will win the passenger unlimited flights with easyJet for a year.

Although easyJet has often been contacted more by Internet than by telephone, last week was the first time that more seats were sold on-line than by telephone. easyJet believes that this is an unprecedented record within the European aviation industry and may be a world record. 59,780 seats were sold on-line in the week ending 3 October, whereas 56,319 were sold by telephone and a little over 3,000 seats were sold at airport sales desks. easyJet started selling seats online in April 1998 and has seen sales grow to present levels in just eighteen months.

The millionth easyJet seat to be purchased on the easyJet web site should happen in the next few days. The passenger who buys the millionth seat will then be contacted by the airline to be told that he/she has won unlimited flights on the easyJet network for the following year.