`Who Goes Where` and Other Travelocity News

These are the top 10 family vacation city pairs booked by Travelocity.com members for travel during June.
Orlando is a favorite destination for families booking vacations on Travelocity.com! According to the Orlando Convention and Visitor`s Bureau, Central Florida attracts 28% of all Florida visitors.
1. New York City area to Orlando
2. San Francisco Bay Area to Las Vegas
3. Chicago to Orlando
4. Washington, DC area to Orlando
5. New York City area to Fort Lauderdale
6. Los Angeles to Las Vegas
7. Philadelphia to Orlando
8. Fort Lauderdale to New York City area
9. Washington DC area to Las Vegas
10. Chicago to Las Vegas
Travelocity.com continues to expand its seat map capabilities, giving travelers the ability to choose their seat by viewing it online for 31 different airlines. While booking a flight, travelers are presented with a seat map for the participating airlines in their itinerary. Travelers can either select a seat or bypass this option and let Travelocity.com select a seat, based on availability and preferences.
Travelocity.com`s Mobile FareWatcher offers members the ability to monitor their “My FareWatcher” results directly from their Internet-enabled cell phone, wireless-enabled Palm devices, RIM devices with Internet browser and wireless enabled Pocket PC devices. This mobile feature further expands Travelocity.com`s leadership and product comprehensiveness in the mobile marketplace. With Travelocity.com`s Mobile Solutions, travelers are better informed and connected to Travelocity.com from virtually anywhere.
This May, Travelocity.com added American Hawaii Cruises and United States Lines to it`s ever-growing cruises product offering. These lines make weekly sailings that visit all four main Hawaiian Islands—Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii—so passengers can relax and not worry about packing and unpacking, driving to and from airports, and waiting for flights. Plus, the ships feature gracious American crews and a laid-back Hawaiian ambiance, complete with hula dancing lessons! To find out more about these cruise lines, go to the Cruises homepage, then search for sailings to Hawaii.