Tenzing Demonstrations At Paris Air Show

Tenzing Communications is demonstrating its global broadband service, which gives users secure access to email, corporate applications, live video and the Internet inflight, at the L3 Communications booth (Hall 4, No. B3) at Paris Air Show.
Tenzing, in cooperation with L3 Communications, Datron, Hughes Global Systems, IFE Services and Passenger Networks, provides travellers the first-ever hybrid service combining a proxy server with live access to the Internet. This service provides better Web cache options and the faster ability to receive much larger email with an 8 Mbps data rate to the aircraft.
In addition, Tenzing`s service includes a routable IP service and accelerated live Web browsing giving users a choice between live or cached Web updates, which are streamed to the aircraft every hour. The system, dubbed the Passenger Internet Access System, uses a teleport in Switzerland, transmitting an 8 mbps data stream over the Anatolia 1 Ku-band satellite to Paris. The demonstration data stream will consist of two MPEG encoded video channels displaying live BBC World News and Bloomberg News and at least 4 Mbps of IP data, which can be used for email, corporate intranet access, and web page cache updates.
The Tenzing system is compatible with PCs, Macs, and PDAs. Tenzing has negotiated with several U.S. and international carriers regarding implementation of the Tenzing system, and is currently deployed on a portion of the Air Canada and Singapore fleets. Tenzing will begin full deployment of the Tenzing System on Cathay Pacific Airways, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic in 2001.