More Powerful Search Engine for, Canada`s online travel company today announced that it will offer access to virtually all flights and fares available in Canada. will add consolidator fares to its extensive inventory of regular and charter flight schedules. In addition the company has introduced a more powerful search engine to handle the larger inventory associated with the three types of fares.
Consolidator fares will be provided through relationships with travel wholesalers that provide discounted fares on regularly scheduled international and domestic flights. The addition of consolidator flights ensures consumers will obtain the best price available. In order to provide access to all the travel databases, has launched the first version of a new travel search engine. will increase the power of its trademark - “from where to where when” database. The new search engine offers the option to perform an “All Flights” search. This option provides a view of all flights, including regular, charter and consolidated fares based on one set of search terms. The results also present all available fares so that consumers can make a more informed price decision.
In addition to providing more flight results, the new search engine is also simpler to use as it is based on city destination names versus airport or gateway. This allows consumers to select point of arrival, eliminating the need to know the names and locations of specific airports or gateways. To make searching for travel options more entertaining, is testing a series of 15-second animated cartoons that will play while the search engine retrieves the requested flight information. Through information is requested instantly and directly from each partners computer database.