Helping Agencies Compete Online, Runs Contest In Eleven Canadian Cities is going Canada-wide asking `Who said travel agencies can`t compete online?`
The Cambridge-based company has just sent out over 1,200 contest ballots to travel agencies in eleven Canadian cities: Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, London, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria.
Travel agencies in these targeted regions will soon receive contest details and information about in the mail. Agency owners or managers can fax in their ballot to or they can complete their ballot online at Agencies that enter the draw can also opt to receive a free one-month trial subscription to HumanClick, an online live customer service feature that allows agents to chat with customers on their website.
The purpose of the contest is to establish one initial, innovative agency in each of the targeted regions across Canada. The overall aim is that these key agencies will be the early adopters of the service and will become regional advocates of the service. The winning travel agencies will receive the benefit of being the key agency that travel consumers are contacting resulting in greater leads and sales for that agency.
Because agencies are already on board in Toronto, Calgary and the Kitchener-Waterloo region, they were not included in the mail-out contest. However, interested agencies in these three regions can go online to complete a ballot ( for their chances to win. They, too, can opt to receive a one-month trial subscription to HumanClick.
Travel agencies can use to prosper: they receive an online presence and an ability to compete with major travel booking sites. is an Internet marketing and database service for Canadian travel agencies. The website is tailored to meet the demands of consumers who like to search for vacation specials and packages online, but want the security, accountability and trust of booking though a local travel agent. is not a booking engine, rather a catalyst for driving online travel consumers, looking to purchase, to traditional `bricks and mortar` travel agencies.
So `Who said travel agencies can`t compete online?`- Certainly not