TravelCLICK Hotelligence Reports Endorsed by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Richard W. Gray, Chairman and co-CEO of TravelCLICK, announced today that Fairmont Hotels & Resorts have recommended TravelCLICK`s Hotelligence Reports for all of their owned and managed hotels.
This endorsement comes as a result of the significant contribution these reports have made to the strategic marketing programs in Fairmont`s city center hotels, where the reports were already being utilized.
The Hotelligence Reports will provide each of the 37 Fairmont Hotels & Resorts with electronic booking performance data from the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), including information on business sources, rates, and length-of-stay patterns for their individual hotels and for their competitive sets. Nearly 98% of the world`s travel agents use the GDS to book more than 50 million hotel reservations annually.
Through the use of the historical pricing, distribution, and comparative performance information contained within Hotelligence, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts will be poised to maximize its revenues from the lucrative travel agent distribution channel. “With TravelCLICK`s Hotelligence Reports, we now have a powerful tool to effectively evaluate our market penetration and position, and adjust our future pricing and promotional offers accordingly,” said Heather McCrory, Vice President, Hotel Sales for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. “These historical reports are invaluable to our future marketing and revenue management strategies.” “We are very pleased that Fairmont Hotels & Resorts have made Hotelligence Reports their distribution management tool of choice,” said Gray. “This decision reflects TravelCLICK`s goal to provide our clients with the comprehensive data they need to better yield their business, develop extremely targeted marketing programs, and ultimately boost revenues.” “Fairmont now has the ability to accurately track market share and travel agency booking information,” said Ray Cohen, President and co-CEO of TravelCLICK. “With these actionable reports, each Fairmont property will be in a stronger position to out-perform their competition.”