QPAX Technology for Worldspan

Worldspan has announced key enhancements to My Trip and More. This global online itinerary product now allows Worldspan travel agencies to automatically send up-to-the-minute itinerary, destination and personal interest information to individual travellers via email before and during a trip.
The enhanced system, featuring exclusive `push technology` developed for Worldspan by QPAX, also allows travellers to link instantly to their agency`s branded My Trip and More Web page for anytime, anywhere access to real-time trip information.
Newly added QPAX technology encapsulates trip information based on traveller preferences, destination and travel dates, then delivers the data via the Internet, saving the traveler time and effort searching the Web for information.
The enhanced My Trip and More Web site offers a complete range of destination-based information and booking options, with links for ground transportation services, dining, golf tee times, tours, weather, city guides and more. Travel booked online by the client is credited to the agency for applicable commissions.
My Trip and More itineraries are also now available in seven languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. When a booking in Worldspan is completed, My Trip and More automatically generates an email to the traveller, advising that an updated itinerary is available at the secure My Trip and More site. Emails can be customised with the travel agency name and logo, and can include information on current specials and promotions.
Within the email advisory, the traveler is provided a link to the My Trip and More site. By clicking on the link, the traveller is transported from the email to the online trip itinerary. This private email link can be used again and again throughout the trip, even if changes to the original itinerary are made. Because all segment information is imported and integrated from Worldspan, the itinerary is automatically kept up to date.