Travelocity e-mails info about events at destinations customers have booked

Travelocity earlier this week launched its new Bon Voyage e-mail service, which offers recipients information about events, activities and other details about destinations to which they have booked travel. The information is also tailored to the date of travel as well.
The announcement follows Travelocity’s alliance and equity position with Viator, a global provider of destination product. Viator has specialized in bringing into the travel booking loop information about travel products that typically have not been available for booking in an automated manner—theater tickets , hot air balloon rides, etc.
Through the new Bon Voyage e-mail, members will be provided with relevant information on their specific destination following their booking air travel on Travelocity. The Bon Voyage e-mail service highlights popular tours and attractions, special hotel offers, car rental options, weather reports, maps and flight paging based on the travel plans and specific needs of each member.
Members who want to put the finishing touches on a trip they’ve booked with Travelocity can now easily pre-book popular sightseeing tours, local events and attractions and additional services directly from the Bon Voyage email before arriving at their destination. Travelocity is initially offering members this comprehensive trip planning resource in 40 cities, but will expand to include more destinations later this year.