Red-M and BT Provide Bluetooth Network

Red-M, a leading supplier of advanced Bluetooth networking product solutions, and BT Ignite Solutions will join forces to create the UK`s first Bluetooth-enabled train and railway business lounge.
Red-M`s award-winning products will be deployed in the business lounge at a principal London commuter station and on a leading operating company`s trains in order to provide mobile Internet and email services to business passengers. The pilot installation, starting later this summer on a main line route, will provide regular travellers with mobile access to cached Internet content, news feeds, email and bespoke services such as e-ticketing and travel information over a Bluetooth network.
The solution will integrate Internet and mobile technology, adapted to operate within a train environment. The Bluetooth network will be based on Red-M`s award winning 3000AS access server and 1000AP access points, enabling reliable and secure mobile access from Bluetooth-enabled devices, including PDAs, laptops and WAP phones. The Red-M 3000AS on the train will manage the content and act as a gateway between the on-board network and the Wide Area Network (WAN) equipment. Access to the WAN will be via one of two wireless links, namely GPRS for access to real time browsing and email, and a wireless LAN for access to non time-critical applications. The master content and access to the Internet and other services will be managed from the central site located at the BT Ignite offices in Ipswich. Mobile data transfer and synchronisation to the server will take place over GPRS when the train is moving and over wireless LAN when the train is stationary.