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Online Cruise Guide

The CruisePath Port Guide, an online destination travel planning guide featuring detailed information on 250 of the most popular cruise destinations served by the 10 largest cruise lines, is now available to travel agents and cruisers.
Published by The Destination Group, Los Angeles and, Miami, the online guide includes more than 750 maps and in-depth information about popular cruise destinations. Some of the information listed on The Port Guide includes:
* Destination maps, including street names and key landmarks
* Photographs portraying each destination`s primary features
* “Best of” lists of things to see and do
* Arrival information
* Destination currency exchange
* Medical resources
The online information source also includes useful links and a database of 6,000 travel books. The Port Guide offers seamless integration to the GoCruiseDirect real-time cruise booking engine and cruise management system via the largest GDS partners, according to GoCruiseDirect`s Russ Searby, who heads GoCruiseDirect`s product development. “We wanted to help all cruisers to understand the extraordinary value of a cruise vacation,” said Searby. For travel agents, the CruisePath Port Guide can serve as a timesaving one-stop cruise information source. “The CruisePath Port Guide is a simple information tool that travel agents can use to book more cruises,” said John Stewart, CEO,, whose company partnered with The Destination Group to author the online cruise publication.
Stewart said the CruisePath Port Guide was created to fill an online information void about destination ports and what each port offered. “Travel agents can employ the CruisePath Port Guide to attract first-time cruisers and inform the most seasoned cruise passengers,” Stewart said. The CruisePath Port Guide is available in Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. “There has been a 25% record increase in European cruise passengers over the past year,” said Tom Brady, Principal, The Destination Group. “Its ability to `speak` several languages puts The Port Guide in an ideal position to serve as a primary information tool for the growing global demand for cruising.”