Push To Talk For Shilo

Internet voice service provider ITXC Corp has announced that Shilo Inns, the largest private, independently owned and operated hospitality company in the Western United States, has enhanced its online reservations process with ITXC`s patented Push to Talk service.
Internet users who want to talk with a reservations agent when making travel plans can now do so by simply pressing the Push to Talk button on the Shilo Inns Web site ITXC Push to Talk service enables companies like Shilo to add real-time voice call capabilities to their Web sites, email campaigns, and online ads.
One push of a button establishes a call via phone or computer, and Internet users can immediately speak with a company representative or call centre agent. Using Shilo`s Push to Talk button, online travelers can get live assistance when arranging for accommodations at any of the company`s 45 locations. By adding ITXC Push to Talk service to their online marketing and e-commerce efforts, companies can meet consumer demand for high-touch, personal service on the Internet. Immediate, real-time human interaction leads to greater customer satisfaction, gives service representatives more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and helps companies increase profitability. “In a recent survey, 22 percent of respondents cited wanting to talk with an agent as one reason for not making reservations online. Push to Talk delivers the live interaction that these online travelers prefer - helping travel and hospitality companies reach an untapped segment of Internet users and ultimately increase online revenues,” said Jeff Gaus, ITXC`s Marketing Vice President, E-commerce.
ITXC offers Push to Talk on a pay-per-call basis, enabling companies to implement the service without any capital investment. It takes just a few lines of HTML code to add Internet calling capabilities to Web sites, email messages, and banner ads.
ITXC believes that by the end of 2001, the most common and significant Web functions - site browsing and email communication - will be voice enabled. ITXC is leading that transition by providing Web marketers and online businesses with affordable, easy-to-implement services that make voice a natural, everyday element of the consumer`s Internet experience. Push to Talk calls are transported over the company-established and operated global network ITXC.netsm, which has carried more than 1.5 billion cumulative minutes of Internet voice traffic since 1998.