Amadeus Automates Ticketing

Amadeus has developed the first, automated, Multi Purpose Document (MPD) to be compliant with the Bank Settlement Plan (BSP).
This advance, unique to Amadeus, will simplify the process of issuing Prepaid Ticket Advice (PTA), Ticket on Departure (TOD) and stopover packages via MPDs. The entire booking and reporting process is modernised by Amadeus` BSP compliancy.
MPDs cover information that cannot be accounted for by standard air tickets, such as excess baggage surcharges and deposits. Until now there has only been the option of the traditional hand written tickets, a time consuming process.
The old manual system is also prone to errors, with documents often being voided and repeated due to human miscalculations. Amadeus` new Auto MPD product brings this outmoded system into the electronic age. This advanced product not only simplifies the process of issuing an MPD - it boosts the productivity and performance of the entire reservations process. With Amadeus` technology, agents will be able to save time, increase efficiency margins and appear more professional.
Key features include: * Integrated Passenger Name Record (PNR) - protects essential booking details against fraud * Reports details to BSP - so agents no longer need to handwrite BSP returns * Used in conjunction with ATB ticketing - tickets look more professional and are easier to understand.