easyJet eliminates confirmation letters for online bookings

From midnight tomorrow, Wednesday 3 November, passengers who make bookings over the Internet will no longer receive a confirmation letter through the post. Instead, easyJet will send an email back to the person making the booking, which will give the passenger and itinerary details, as well as the unique confirmation number. All passengers need when they check-in is their confirmation number, and a passport for international flights.

Sending pieces of paper through the post to confirm an Internet transaction is both wasteful and unnecessary. An email confirmation will be received much sooner than a posted version, making this process faster and more efficient. It is also a positive step in an ecological and environmental sense, as this system will save a considerable amount of paper.

As a ‘no-frills’ airline, easyJet has to control costs very carefully in order to be able to offer low fares to all passengers at a profit; cutting down postage, paper and printing costs will represent a significant saving to the airline.

For the time being, passengers who book their seats through the telephone reservation centre will continue to receive a confirmation letter in the post.