America West Web News

America West Airline`s newly enhanced FlightFund Web site is now online.
Customers can now go to a direct link and find a wealth of information about America West`s frequent flyer programme including new mileage offers, partner contact information, account information and tips on how to quickly accrue miles toward free Award travel. The entire frequent flyer section has been completely updated, featuring new graphics, detailed promotions and partner logos that make the site even more user friendly.
Separately, America West retains Keynote Systems, The Internet Performance Authority, to ensure high quality of service for customers using the Internet for travel information and reservations. The carrier has used Keynote Perspective measurements for two years with great success to measure the speed and reliability of its Web site, to enhance customer satisfaction and to maintain the company`s edge in the highly competitive travel market. The Keynote data ensures America West Airlines customers can consistently and quickly access key travel features such as reservations, flight status, seat assignments and frequent flyer accounts at
Keynote`s data, derived from a global network of measurement computers, gives an accurate end user perspective on how quickly and smoothly America West`s Web site loads and operates. This information enables the airline to diagnose and improve any site performance issues for optimum performance at all times. Keynote`s customizable alarm functions provide notification to America West Web site personnel of potential issues so they can be addressed before becoming a noticeable concern for its customer base.
Keynote Perspective provides measurement of both publicly available and secure page download times. Measurements are made over T1 and T3 lines representing the “at work” experience. At scheduled intervals, the Keynote network of measurement computers survey key Web site metrics, including Web page access, download, and transaction execution times.
The measurements are then delivered to Keynote customers via daily summary reports and threshold-based alarms. In addition, Keynote customers can view an instant, up-to-the-minute graphical analysis of performance data from a Web browser using Keynote`s robust, easy-to-use online interface.