OAG Through MS XP

Microsoft Office XP, the latest version Office Productivity Suite was launched on 31st May and will provide instant worldwide flight information.
Microsoft has partnered with OAG Worldwide to customise new Smart Tag technology, built into Office XP, that will deliver details of specific flights directly to the screens of PCs with the Microsoft Office suite of applications.
The Smart Tags have been developed to recognise the textual form of airline flight numbers to provide users with updated information on a specific flight, such as terminal information and flight status updates. With this new technology, a flight number is typed into the latest version of Word and it is automatically highlighted and offered a route to the OAG web site, where additional details on the flight can be obtained.
Once the Internet connection with the OAG web site has been made, users have access to instantaneous checks on a variety of flight details, including scheduled departure and arrival times, type of aircraft being used for a particular flight and terminal information. The system will also give PC users a real-time check on whether a flight is on time or delayed. The flight detail information is drawn from the OAG “Flight Engine,” the most up-to-date and comprehensive global flight schedules database in the world that provides access to information on millions of direct and connecting flights. Updated daily, the OAG Flight Engine offers the most extensive air travel options available today on the Web.