A Lucrative Online Tool For Canadian Travel Agencies

In today`s world, two things are increasing dramatically: tourism and the use of the Internet.
The worldwide travel market is significant and growing, and in recent years we`ve seen the incredible proliferation of the Internet. Because of increasing consumer Internet use rates, particularly for travel purchasing, there has been much discussion about the future of the travel agent, with both extinction and survival being debated. What is evident, however, that in the face of the changing tourism environment, traditional travel agencies must evaluate their strategies to effectively reach the evolving travel consumer.
Not all travel consumers prefer to book their travel on the Internet, but many people use the Internet for research purposes. According to an Ipsos-Reid survey, in 2000, 73 % of Canadians used the Internet, 59% went online at least once to research travel information and 18% used the Internet to book some elements of their travel plans.
The fact remains that it is becoming increasingly important for travel agencies to be online so that they can market themselves to the Internet community, increase their overall exposure and better serve their existing clients. Travel agencies must adopt new methods of marketing, while maintaining their superior quality service.
As travel agencies across Canada consider marketing on the Internet as a way to capture the new Internet savvy consumer, they are discovering, Canada`s online marketing source for travel agencies.
Travel agencies can use to prosper: they receive an online presence and an ability to compete with major travel booking sites. is nationally marketed, but by using a technology based on postal codes, it keeps an agency`s business focus on a local level, thus attracting local consumers. is currently marketing in the CTT (Canada`s Technology Triangle) area; as such most of the agencies on the system are located in this region. However, there are travel agencies on the system from the Toronto area, as well as other parts of Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec. Throughout the summer, will be marketing in communities across Canada, with the goal of signing up the majority of Canada`s travel agencies.
Travellers search online at for vacation specials, travel packages and last-minute sell-offs. They are then connected with their local travel agencies where they can get travel advice and make their final purchase.
The system is easy to use and is the ultimate in convenience for the would-be traveller. Consumers search for vacation specials but leave the headache and hassle of securing tickets and making reservations to the professionals - travel agents. Travellers can also email a Custom Quote to an agency to get specific details about a vacation special or for more general information about a destination. And because is a Canadian company, all departures are from Canadian cities and all prices are in Canadian dollars.
Consumers want the ability to do research on the Internet and look for vacation specials, but they want the security, accountability and trust of booking through a local travel agent. The Internet is a great way for agencies to capture those travel consumers.
Travel agencies want an online presence and a way to compete with major online travel sites, with the ability to preserve the high quality service clients have come to expect. is the answer. offers a unique product that facilitates online research for travellers but promotes travel agencies. effectively merges high-tech and human-touch elements, while encouraging the use of a local travel agent - a known and trusted source. believes that not only will travel agents survive, they will prosper using the technology created just for them.