Priceline Resorts`s new Name Your Own Price resort getaway service is offering holidays in some of the best resorts. Travellers can choosefrom some of the top vacation spots like Orlando, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Palm Springs, Scottsdale, Hilton Head, Miami Beach and - coming later this summer - Cancun and the Bahamas.
To qualify as a resort, a hotel must offer tennis courts, a spa or fitness facility, one or more pools and multiple food and beverage choices. All resorts feature golf on-site or nearby. Resorts in coastal areas feature beachfront access.
Resorts can be reserved for arrival on the same day of your request or up to 11 months in advance, with travelers able to save up to 40% off typical resort room rates. Resorts is the second new travel product launched by this year. In March, the Company introduced a service for consumers who found themselves needing to travel on short notice. customers now can purchase airline tickets up until 23:00 EST for flights the next day. They can purchase hotel rooms up until 18:00 for use that night and they can arrange rental car pickups on as little as four hours notice.