TRUST International Announces Swiss™tel Hotels & Resorts As The First To Implement Its New Web

TRUST International, a member of the Bertelsmann Group and a global provider of reservations technology for the hospitality industry, today announced that Swiss™tel Hotels & Resorts, which operates or markets 22 hotel properties around the world, has implemented its new TRUSTView software.
TRUSTView is a Web-based data analysis tool providing real-time, unlimited access to sales and booking information as well as customized reporting capabilities. TRUST International has made the software available in eight languages.
TRUSTView offers hotels an online reporting tool based on the newest data warehousing technology offered by MicroStrategy, a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence software. The software has the ability to mine information from an extensive database, drilling down to specific fields. All data is compiled from the TRUST hotel system, which is connected with multiple global distribution systems.
Swiss™tel intends to use the TRUSTView software to compile and analyze reservation data gathered from travel agencies and other booking sources, evaluate the success of marketing projects, and create detailed reports to examine and respond to trends in the marketplace.
“Our Global Sales Offices will use TRUSTView to drill-down into reservation data to retrieve production information, sorted by travel agency, and compile reports providing booking and revenue details for specific properties and regions,” stated Keith Harrison, Manager, Central Reservations at Swiss™tel. “Our marketing team will utilize the software to evaluate and fine tune promotions and gather lead-time statistics.”
According to Michelle Woodley, Vice President, Electronic Distribution and Marketing for Swiss™tel, “The Web-based TRUSTView software helps to quickly simplify many internal processes and offers them all in one solution. Our management decisions will be made much faster and with greater confidence.”
Customized and focused market analysis can be compiled at any time. TRUSTView provides users with pre-formatted reports ranging from rate segments and booking sources to company reservations and travel agents, as well as guest reports in different time frames. Additional reports available through TRUSTView include office, rate and room production, denial reasons, and trend and client reports - each of them viewable from specific perspectives such as by booking source, region, travel agent, and guest name. All reports generated on the Internet can be downloaded in Excel format for use off-line at a later time.
“The information collected by companies is often an untapped resource for evaluating and improving the effectiveness of many initiatives. A company’s ability to dedicate time and money to evaluate this information is often a barrier,” stated Connie Rheams, President of TRUST in the Americas.
“TRUSTView offers an in-depth tool to cut costs associated with utilizing outside vendors to report on raw data and saves time by providing customized reports as needed.”
Initially developed for hotel chains, the scalability of TRUSTView can also be adapted for the needs of individual hotels, corporate travel departments and other companies managing sales and reservation information in the hospitality industry.