seeUthere Enhancements, the leader in event automation services has enhanced travel and housing capabilities in its flagship service, seeUthere Professional.
With these enhancements, seeUthere provides a one-stop registration service for all meeting-related activities, housing and travel. In addition, seeUthere consolidates meeting-related expenses into one centralised database, enabling more effective cost management and ROI maximisation. With the new version of seeUthere Professional, meeting-related housing registration and travel requirements are automatically captured during the meeting registration process, and reports are sent directly to hotels and travel agencies. This not only boosts efficiency for meeting planners, but increases attendee satisfaction by providing the convenience and ease of an integrated registration process.
In addition, by capturing meeting-related expenses and consolidating them into one centralised database, seeUthere enables company-wide, consolidated meeting management that can result in millions of dollars in cost savings. With seeUthere, companies can implement and enforce more effective cost controls, enforce corporate travel policies across all meetings, and negotiate greater volume discounts with hotel and air vendors. Through seeUthere`s travel module, real-time, detailed summary travel manifests can be automatically sent to travel agencies at designated intervals to complete the booking process. Attendees provide such air travel data as arrival and departure dates/times, frequent flier numbers, and preferred carriers, and rental car information such as preferred company, car size, and club number. Capturing this information during the online registration process encourages online booking and reduces travel agency costs.
seeUthere`s housing module lets attendees choose from multiple hotel options at varying rates, and even offers unique choice sets for different participant types. For example, VIP guests can be offered complimentary upgrades to hotel suites. These capabilities facilitate real-time room block management, while room list reports can be generated and easily sent to hotels.
This latest version of seeUthere Professional further completes the company`s technology solution designed for managing every aspect of meetings and events, including event marketing, meeting registration, travel and housing management, budgeting, and reports, analysis, and data consolidation.