HubX Orchestrates Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Internet Commerce Capabilities

HubX, a leading provider of Internet services to the hospitality industry, has announced the deployment of new Internet capabilities for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, one of the world`s leading luxury hotel companies.
HubX, in close collaboration with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, has implemented advanced web site capabilities and Internet reservations processing for Mandarin Oriental`s online presence. These capabilities allow Mandarin Oriental hotels to maintain their own web sites without the need for additional web designers and programmers, and enable the web sites to provide direct, fully automated processing of reservations and inventory directly between the Internet and the hotels; Property Management Systems (PMS).
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group selected HubX for the company`s X-SITE service, a real-time, web site management tool. In addition to enabling enhanced website updates, the service ensures consistency in overall web site functionality and style across the entire collection of 20 Mandarin Oriental properties. This flexibility and uniformity is necessary to ensure a dynamic, effective web site presence, while maintaining strong control over Mandarin Oriental`s brand image. The service has been operating since First Quarter 2001.
In addition to X-SITE, Mandarin Oriental selected HubX`s proprietary X-VIBE service to automatically pull inventory from the Property Management System (PMS) at each Mandarin Oriental hotel and make it available for web site bookings and Internet distribution. The service also books Internet reservations directly back into the property management system (PMS) at each hotel without manual intervention of any kind. The overall process provides Internet customers with a single reservation confirmation number generated by the property, and enables the hotels to coordinate Internet customer profiles and personalization with information collected and maintained in their PMS. By seamlessly integrating the advanced capabilities of X-VIBE with existing property level systems, HubX enables Mandarin Oriental Hotels to manage complex inventory distribution and pricing scenarios according to the customized business rules that are maintained by the property.
“The X-VIBE service has provided each Mandarin Oriental hotel with the ability to open up a fully-automated distribution channel directly with its customers,” says Nick Price, Director of Technology at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. “The service enables our hotels to present our clients with a consistently superior experience from the moment they book their travel, to the time they depart our hotels.”
“We have been impressed with HubX`s knowledge and flexibility, as well as the speed in which they customized and implemented their services,” Price continued. “X-SITE and X-VIBE were fully operational at 17 hotels with varying Property Management System environments in under 6 weeks.”
Mike Murray, CEO and Founder of HubX credited Mandarin Oriental with helping the company improve its hospitality product, saying, “Our partnership with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has allowed us to make a good service significantly better. We already knew we had the best product available, but with the addition of direct input from Mandarin Oriental reservation managers, marketers, IT experts, and Hotel General Managers, we tailored the service to meet Mandarin Oriental needs and standards. In doing so, HubX increased the gap between our company and other similar offerings”.