Content Providers Sign Up To Online Clearing House

Nine content providers, including Galileo, have already signed up to participate in Wmode`s programme linking premium wireless Internet content providers to its ClearMode Clearinghouse.
ClearMode is the first wireless clearinghouse designed to serve the worldwide mobile commerce market. It provides a high-speed, secure and effective method for managing subscriptions to premium content, making it easy for content providers and portals to collect money for their wireless services.
ClearMode works by enabling content providers to charge users for wireless services and have those charges appear on the user`s phone bill. Wireless carriers already have billing infrastructure in place, and wireless users already trust the carriers` billing capabilities. When a user with a wireless Internet-enabled device links to a content provider`s site and chooses to subscribe to or download content, ClearMode authenticates the user and validates the transaction, and charges are billed through to the carrier. ClearMode then creates statements for carriers that facilitate settlement and cash flow back to the content provider. Galileo will begin beta testing ClearMode later this year.