China Southern Airlines` Launches Business Group E-Ticketing

China Southern Airlines, the largest airline in The People`s Republic of China is pleased to announce that it is now offering group package e-ticketing from a new Chinese web page at
After selling the first e-ticket - ever - in The People`s Republic of China on March 28, 2000, China Southern Airlines has expanded its Internet offerings by selling group e-ticketing. China Southern Airlines offers on-line Internet seat booking, cargo tracking, Sky Pearl Club frequent flier programs and individual travel history services.
China Southern Airlines is the only airline in China to offer either group e-ticketing or this full range of consumer-driven services.
“E-ticketing equates to total consumer travel freedom from the headaches of dealing with printed tickets, mailing tickets, delivering tickets, while increasing our profitability,” said Mr. Wang Changshun, President, China Southern Airlines.
Package group e-tickets are designed specifically for travel providers and organizers. Clients can have all prices matched and their travel expense calculated on the new e-commerce website of China Southern Airlines at after making their seat booking through the CRS or Internet booking systems. Package e-tickets are available when online payment is completed. Clients can then keep their booking conformation records safely stored in their computers or print out for added security - as well as receiving a valid receipt of their purchase at the airport or from China Southern Airlines.
Mr. Wang explained that, “an electronic ticket costs 10% of the cost of a paper ticket. E-ticket transactions and bank processing is completed immediately when the customer completes the sale of their airline ticket. Risk is reduced, costs are saved for the airline and the consumer is protected when their purchase is made on-line via a major credit card. Additionally, the airline can offer a discounted electronic ticket price to the passenger. These and other special services China Southern will be offering to encourage the use of electronic ticketing.”
Mr. Wang added that, “China Southern Airlines will begin offering e-ticket passengers with special boarding card services increased carry on baggage and free VIP waiting and boarding service.”
He admitted that although special governmental policies and laws are still badly in need of development in China, China Southern Airlines insists on improving its Internet technological customer services. “We believe that in the era of instant communication and the Internet, an entire revolution of airline sales will happen in Chinese e-commerce,” concluded Mr. Wang.