Airport Advertising Opportunities By Phone

Public access telecommunications networks provider Elcotel, has partnered with a major telecommunications provider in launching an additional 500 Grapevine terminals to its already established 100 terminals at two of the U.S.`s busiest airports, New York`s JFK and LaGuardia.
The Grapevine combines traditional payphone features with sponsored content and advertising, and personalised information available to consumers. All Grapevine terminals will be placed in high-profile, high traffic areas in both airports. An estimated 91 terminals are in the new, state-of-the-art, International Terminal at JFK. All installations are scheduled to be completed by 30th June.
By placing the terminals within the New York area, the nation`s premier advertising community can use Grapevine to reach business and leisure travellers while they`re at the airport checking messages, making new reservations or looking for special offers. Both LaGuardia and JFK are ranked in the top 25 of the nations busiest airports, servicing a combined total of over 51 million travellers.
Grapevine, the first non-PC, wired Internet appliance, combines traditional calling capabilities of public phones with sponsored content and advertising, e-commerce capabilities, e-mail, and personalised information services supported by Elcotel Business Services
, the ASP. The Grapevine currently carries advertising from a variety of national companies, including Sharper Image and Hyatt Hotels.