Air Ticket Flexibility At Last ... For A Fee

So you`ve bought that bargain air ticket but now you can`t make that meeting in Seattle, but your colleague can? No problem now as, for a small fee, you can legally transfer your ticket to that colleague.
FairAir has just introduced the world`s first fully-transferable airline ticket. Airline passengers are now free to buy—and sell—their airline tickets. An introductory release of the service is available now online where transferable tickets on select routes are available from FairAir`s four inaugural airline partners.
In partnership with Worldspan, FairAir has created the technology that allows airlines to issue fully-transferable tickets. Today, FairAir`s inaugural partners are offering their fully-transferable airline tickets exclusively through the FairAir Web site. It is FairAir`s long-term plan to use its infrastructure as a platform that enables every airline and travel portal to issue and manage their own fully-transferable tickets on their own Web sites. Online travel sites and airlines that employ the FairAir concept will be able attract new customers and generate new revenue streams through their own branded online destinations.
Travellers who purchase airline tickets through FairAir can legally change the name on their ticket. If travel plans change—and they often do—a friend, colleague or family member can use the FairAir Ticket, or the owner can offer to sell the FairAir Ticket on the open market. As the FairAir community grows, last-minute travellers will be able to find seats on fully-booked flights by offering to buy FairAir Tickets from other ticket holders. FairAir will facilitate a thriving secondary market in FairAir Tickets, so that buying and selling airline tickets becomes a common part of travel planning.
FairAir Tickets are standard e-tickets issued directly by FairAir`s airline partners. Before a passenger purchases a FairAir Ticket, they know exactly which flight they are booking, how much they are paying, the scheduled departure and arrival times, the number of stops en route—and every FairAir passenger always receives frequent flyer miles. Passengers can buy FairAir Tickets by calling FairAir`s toll-free reservation number (866-325-3232), or by visiting the Web site. FairAir Ticket holders can later change the name on their ticket or put their ticket up for sale by offering it on the Web site. Passengers pay a small fee to FairAir when they buy and sell FairAir Tickets. During this introductory period, the fee to change the name on a ticket through FairAir is just 6% of the initial ticket price, or a minimum of $24.95.
FairAir has already signed cooperative agreements with Northwest Airlines, America West Airlines, Midway Airlines, and National Airlines. The FairAir travel network covers Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle and many other cities.
Airlines that participate in the FairAir program expect to increase their market share by offering a more flexible product. FairAir partner airlines will also gain valuable market data they cannot ascertain today, and receive a portion of FairAir revenue generated by transaction fees. FairAir handles all customer support inquiries for the airlines via their twenty-four hour support centre.