2.2 million Internet surfers in Israel

2.2 million Israelis over 13 years of age, amounting to 32.8% of Israelå‘s total population, currently use the Internet, according to a TNS Teleseker survey for winter 2003. An Internet user is considered anyone using the Internet for any purpose, anytime, anywhere.
The survey found that 50% of all Jewish households have an Internet connection. 94% of users surf at least once a week, and 69% do so virtually daily. Every day, 1.5 million Israelis over 13 go online on any given day, and over 2 million go online during any given week.

93% of Internet users tend to surf from home, and 53% partly or only surf from other locations. 93% of surfers surf from home, 32% from work, 19% from school or university, and 15% from other locations such as Internet cafes or friends’ homes. 7% of Internet surfers never surf from home, but only from other locations.

The survey also found that the most frequent Internet uses in winter 2003 were to find information (86%), e-mail (81%), download content or files (63%), read online newspapers or other news sites (51%), chat rooms (34%), games (42%), buy or order goods and services (35%), make bank or other financial transactions (37%), participate in a forum or discussion group (25%), and listen to the radio (20%).

The commonest kind of information sought online were trips and travel (50%), information about companies, goods or services (30%), statistical or research data (30%), and sports topics (26%).

The current survey found that 35% of all Internet users (11.5% of Israel’s population) reported regularly or commonly buying or ordering goods or services online. 47% reported making an online purchase in the past, 41% bought or ordered goods or services in the preceding 12 months, and 11% made a purchase in the month preceding the survey.


The most popular online purchases were electronic products (27%), books (24%), household electrical goods (21%), computers and accessories (18%), music and disks (6%), tourism and recreation (7%). The percentages are the proportion of online buyers purchasing these items in the preceding year.

The TNS Teleseker Internet survey is a periodic telephone survey of an updated national representative sample of individual Internet users over the age of 13. The current survey covered 850 of Internet users over the age of 13 from Jewish communities across Israel.