Dream Fares Released From Travelocity

Travelocity.com has launched Dream Fares, its newest mobile application feature.
In just a few quick steps on an Internet-enabled cell phone or wireless hand-held device, Dream Fares allows Travelocity.com members to specify how much they are willing to spend on their travels and displays a list of the cities offering fares for their designated budget.
Through Dream Fares, members enter their desired departure city and dollar amount they are willing to spend. Based on the specified information, a list of cities with airfares that meet the budget requirements will appear on members` Internet-enabled cell phone or wireless hand-held device. Dream Fares is currently available for cities within the United States, Eastern Europe and Western Europe.
With more wireless travel tools than any other provider, Travelocity.com has built a strong list of key relationships, including Sprint PCS, AT&T Wireless Services, Nextel Communications, OmniSky and Palm. These alliances comprise more than 55 million subscribers.
Dream Fares is an extension of Dream Maps, one of Travelocity.com`s industry-first features. Through this feature on www.travelocity.com, an interactive map displays all of the cities with airfares that meet the specified budget requirements. By clicking on the fares, members are directed to the best fare finder booking feature, where members view a calendar, highlighting the dates the fare is offered, and can proceed with booking the flight.