Marketing Weakest Links?

With U.S. ad spending on the rise for the travel/destination sector both online and offline and expected growth in online sales, budgets will be under serious pressure to show results that work as an integrated part of a company`s overall marketing strategy.
“Companies must offer consumers and business partners a meaningful user experience online and offline and connect these experiences to own the lifetime value of each consumer,” says Tim Stock, president/CEO of scenarioDNA inc. “CRM is the new paradigm for customer value and intrinsic to the travel/hospitality industry which is built on the principle of service.”
Unlike other digital-marketing agencies, “sDNA|travel” has experienced consultants dedicated to the travel/destination environment and its potentials. Benefiting from this vertical industry expertise, technology alliances and ad partner networks, “sDNA|travel” clients can confidently leverage emerging technologies (Web, wireless, kiosk, PDA, iTV, etc.) without costly trial-and-error. “sDNA|travel” approaches each campaign with industry-specific consumer scenarios in order to move faster on marketplace opportunities, while focusing campaign data regulation. “sDNA|travel” then translates and maps the “handshake” from appliance to media and back again, both online and offline. Next, through sound configuration of technology and campaign architecture, “sDNA|travel” integrates measurable digital solutions that progress seamlessly through everyday living. Each “sDNA|travel” solution offers consistent value at every point of consumer contact, and reports the information necessary to optimizing a brand.
“sDNA|travel” services include cross-channel brand strategy, multi-channel design services, consumer-scenario modeling, CRM/data-mining optimization and production management.
“sDNA|travel” and scenarioDNA inc. were founded by Tim Stock, former CIO of Dennis Interactive. Future scenarioDNA practices include “sDNA|auto,” “sDNA|financial,” “sDNA|cpg,” “sDNA|healthcare” and “sDNA|retail.” Get their White Paper “Digital Travel Marketing`s Strongest and Weakest Links.” at their web site: