South Africa Launches Official Web Portal

The official, comprehensive South African portal -
- which was launched this week is reportedly the first of its kind in the world.

The web portal provides a wide range of information about the country, covering everything from travel to trade and investment and from government services to sports and art.

is part of a campaign undertaken by the International Marketing Council (IMC) to change perceptions about the country.

The IMC was established by President Thabo Mbeki as a public/private sector initiative to improve the country`s image, particularly amongst international investors. An effective way to reach opinion makers and potential investors around the world is via cyberspace.
It carries links to the Department of Trade and Industry, Proudly South African, South African Airways, Trade and Investment South Africa. More unusual features include links to `the best sites in SA cyberspace`.
The portal is not intended to replace existing web sites but to improve access to them. is aimed at four different audiences: potential foreign investors; tourists or business travellers; South African residents and South Africans living abroad.