Showcasing Tourism for the World Summit

Tens of thousands of people are expected to descend on Johannesburg this week to participate in the world`s biggest ever United Nations summit - The World Summit on Sustainable Development.

What better time to dispel the myths surrounding the country`s tourism capacity and showcase the wonders and hospitality South Africa has to offer, not only to international delegates but also to the locals.
Global Conferences DMC World Choice and Lefase Tour Coordinating Company have joined forces to create a website of day and overnight tour packages, developed by the South African tourism industry. These tours feature products which are innovative, competitive, environmentally sustainable, geographically spread and which support black, small and medium-sized enterprises.

The website,
today features nearly 450 tours.
In Gauteng alone there are more than 250 day tours on offer, ranging from visits to disused old gold mines, white water rafting, sky diving as well as flights on an original Tiger Moth - provided the nerves hold out!
Ken Brown, Director of Global Conferences World Choice, has been instrumental in co-ordinating the day packages for the website, and said he was amazed at the diversity of activities on offer right on Johannesburg`s door step.
He said he has been impressed by the high standard and range of activities on offer - “You can even go out on a night drive and see lion, antelope, giraffe and buffalo without having to leave Gauteng!,” enthuses Ken.
Kruger Park and game reserves in general remain popular with overseas visitors, according to Lefase Managing Director Vie Abela.

Lefase has been responsible for co-ordinating tours further afield, featuring sustainable tourism projects from the southern African region as a whole.
“We have some amazing tours on the website, including packages from as far north as Zambia and Malawi,” says Vie.
“The Free State is often missed by both the international and domestic traveller - but we have put together five great tour packages which highlight the wonders of this region. The Free State is today home to the legendary Maluti Mountain Lodge and was previously home to the legendary San.”
Though the website was set up to accommodate the accommodation and travel needs of the international visitors to the Summit, locals may find a visit to the site inspirational.
Vie said booking the next holiday on the website not only guarantees excellent value for money, but also ensures that previously disadvantaged communities benefit from tourism dollars.