The New Combining Passion with Simplicity

In conjunction with the implementation of its “simplicity” approach, Rosenbluth International, one of the world`s leading business to business travel management companies, has delivered an enhanced and easy-to-navigate website.
In an exclusive interview, Kimberly Harrington-Martinez
, Rosenbluth`s Senior VP of Global Marketing tells ITN about this new offering.

The new
incorporates the colours and images of its new corporate collateral. Intended to support the company`s emphasis on simplified offers
and services, provides the user with a simplistic overview of the services it provides as well as its core competencies. The design is simple and yet effective with all the useful links neatly complementing the design.

The home page `simply` focuses on links to information for Rosenbluth?fs two approaches to travel solutions: Rosenbluth`s Performance Manager (RPM), an integrated and customisable system designed to maximise the performance of corporate travel management, Rosenbluth`s pre-customised package of products provides process improvements, fast and accurate implementation and cost saving opportunities via a `gone stop shop`. Kimberly comments: “We offer the capability for you to do business with us any way you like”.

Kimberly informs me that the site was inspired by the change in dynamics in today`s world of travel. She comments “We have responded to the overwhelming amount of confusion and complication that has arisen in the marketplace and the cry from our customer base to help them to make sense of it all”.

Recognising the maelstrom of confusion that has arisen in this changing marketplace, Rosenbluth made the decision to take a leadership role. Kimberly comments: “The objective of the new site was to simplify the entire process for our clients. Simplification is both in taking care of products as well as our new pricing strategy”.


I asked Kimberly to compare the enhanced website to the old She commented that this one is more emotional:

“Our last site was both functional and practical with a lot of information written into it, but the feel and visuals of the current website contain much more emotion. You can see the speed, the track and the passion.

“With moving graphics, the new site is much more representative of who we are as an organisation. Whereas the other site was more static, this one is much more dynamic and compelling”.

The new site does not have multi-lingual functions and neither is this a priority for Rosenbluth. Kimberly informs me: “70% of our business is multi-national, but the majority of these clients primarily use English as their business language. Since our site is largely targeted towards being the corporate manage travellers, we do not   consider that it would add much value as a truly multi-lingual site”.

Kimberly also informs me that the Internet has not significantly changed the way that Rosenbluth communicate with their customers. “Our website is mainly used by potential customers. The majority of our communication with customers is face to face and that`s what sets us apart from the industry”.
The website enhancements come at the same time as the launch of the new Rosenbluth Exchange forum
: The first open forum for travel suppliers to bid on their business. This spells good news for small to mid-size companies, who currently comprise 60% of the total corporate travel spend in the United States, yet still pay full airfares.

Rosenbluth International has created a web-based b2b marketplace that will give these companies access to travel suppliers worldwide. Kimberly comments: “This programme will provide the marketing reach on behalf of the airline to the type of businesses that were previously too expensive to reach out and deliver”.

While more programs are being developed to maximise small company travel programs, negotiating discounted airfares with airlines has, up until today, been virtually impossible.
The program follows a pilot program in which the likes of BA, United and Continental participated. Kimberly commented: “We absolutely felt the pilot was a success prior to launching into the marketplace. Customers participating realised significant savings on their travel programmes and the airlines were enthusiastic about their capability to reach a market segment that otherwise was a challenge for them to identify”.
Kimberly is convinced that this service will not affect larger companies: “Large companies today already have this type of process that takes place. The airlines can clearly afford the time and energy to send sales reps directly to those companies to make the travel agencies negotiate on their behalf”. 

Rosenbluth are expecting to add suppliers as the program progresses and predict an enthusiastic customer base. Kimberly describes the program as a win-win business model where no-one can lose.