Visit the Magical Land of Dubai is a visually pleasing web site that can boast a chic and elegant design. It is logical and user-friendly providing the traveller with a rich and unmatched online experience. With its 360-degree imaging, the user is able to step inside and navigate within the images displayed. 

(Above: Dubai Department of Tourism. As featured on

This technologically advanced offering provides the user with an astonishingly real feel for the bright and vibrant paradise that is Dubai.
The starting page provides a grand overview of what to expect from the site. There are numerous dazzling pictures neatly placed in a column to one side of the spread. At the click of a button, these pictures are transformed to 3D vestiges of some of the most stunning and glorious destinations in Dubai.

Through the revolutionary tool provided by iPIX, you can experience the vibrancy and exuberance of the Dubai coastal scene. Endless miles of sun drenched, clean beaches, equipped with sporting and full relaxation facilities have been beautifully captured here. 

The island hosts a plethora of exquisite hotels and resorts that have amazed the world. Beit Al Bahar, Burj Al Arab, Emirates Tower and The Jumeirah Beach Club are all presented to you in their 3 dimensional forms, with detailed views of their outstanding of their facilities. 


Visit Dubai`s charming city centre; view this stunning destination at night, without leaving the comfort of your own home. You really are virtually there.

Virtually-Dubai also offers various useful links. Click on the Local Weather to be taken to the online weather channel and teased by the soaring Dubai climate. The Tourist Board option links to the online Dubai Tourist board. The Virtual Travel Directory link is an excellent information source. There is even a flight link, so you can check out any availability`s. And for anyone who likes to explore, the city maps link displays useful maps of Dubai. 

It seems that nothing has been left out of this innovative and ingenious site that offers such an unusual experience. If Virtually-Dubai doesn`t entice you to visit the magical city of Dubai, nothing will!