Cathay Pacific Business Class Goes Hi-Tech

Cathay Pacific have flown to new heights to ensure undisputed leadership with their state of the art, hi-tech, business class. This innovative new cabin is the result of extensive research into the requirements of the modern business traveller.
Above: Cathay Pacific team launching new business class at BT2002

(Left to Right) Katharine Lum - Trade Marketing Co-ordinator UK, Adrian Gane - Regional Manager Europe, Noulla Stahlmann - Sales and Marketing Manager UK & Ireland, Tony Tyler - Director Corporate Development, Olivia Cheng - Senior Agent UK, Paul Cruttenden - Marketing Manager UK & Ireland
Sink back into Cathay Pacific`s revolutionary and versatile seat design. Lose yourself in the world of movie-mania and music, brought to you by studio cx. Stay connected with internet plug in and phone connection at your fingertips. These are among a host of features guaranteed to ensure a comfortable and carefree journey. Welcome to “paradise in the air.”
Launched this month, Cathay Pacific`s Business Class has undergone a massive revamp. The interior cabin design is unique and luxurious. Contrasting neutral and bright tones are highlighted by sophisticated `mood lighting,` changeable across a spectrum of colours.
Cathay Pacific is the first airline in the world to offer an onboard high-speed data network, enabling passengers to access email and web content, at speeds of up to 11 Mbps, anywhere in the world. Each seat has a laptop power supply and a USB data socket, so the world is at your fingertips. Cathay Pacific have even gone to the trouble of installing flexible reader lights, so you won`t strain your eyes. In-seat personal telephones are provided for each passenger as well as an airshow map to alert you with up-to-date information.

Studio cx is an entertainment, communication and information system, to ensure that all you will need to adjust is your eyes. Brought to you on a 10.4” personal screen (that is almost double the size of your standard business class screen). Studio cx offer channels to cater for everyone`s taste. From computer games, music and cartoons to comedy, drama and sports. You can lose yourself in the world of entertainment, whilst plugged in to a noise cancelling headset. With the additional digitally enhanced video on demand feature, you have the opportunity to select whichever movie suits your mood. You needn`t move from your position. A remote- control will command all of this. At the push of a button, you are in control.
The centre-piece of the new business class is undoubtedly the dynamic and futuristic seat. This luxurious design is 20.5 inches wide with generous armrests. You will be in gadget heaven with this revolutionary model, equipped with hidden devices and infinitely adjustable positions. Extending from a 75” long flat bed, the seat will also adjust to a Z shape - ergonomically proven to be ideal for sleeping. With one touch, the seat propels back to its upright position. The headrest will transpose between a remarkable 6 positions. Hidden features include a privacy screen so that you are `cocooned` from the outside world. This seat really is a work of art.
It is the small things in life that are matter. A great deal of attention and care has been paid to detail on the Cathay Pacific business class. With double-sided silk/cotton pillows, you can flip for the material of your choice. There is a larger literature pocket, a larger meal table and an added table to allow you to get up without having to clear away books or snacks, or disturb other passengers. A special mineral bottle holder in the seat arm has been added to prevent mid-night spillage. Coat hooks and a curtained changing room with a full-length mirror mean that on exit, you are fresh and ready for anything.

At a time when airlines are competing aggressively and fares are falling, Cathay Pacific have made continued investment to ensure that they lead the way with their product. On Cathay Pacific business Class, it really is possible to work while you travel. In a relaxed environment with communication, entertainment and information at your disposal, every detail has been tailored to suit your needs. Fly into the future with Cathay Pacific.
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