Air Turks and Caicos to consolidate IT systems

IT Services & Software by Travelport, has announced a new hosting and technology services agreement with growing passenger and cargo airline Air Turks and Caicos.

Air Turks and Caicos and their recently acquired competitor, TCI Skyking, will soon be merged into a single hosting platform within the Travelport Meridian multi-host system. This merger will enable Air Turks and Caicos to quickly achieve significant benefits and cost savings through efficiencies from the consolidated IT system and software platform.Travel buyers will also benefit by having access to Air Turks and Caicos’ internal reservations system for real-time availability, fares and pricing, as well as e-ticketing and interline e-ticketing capability through Travelport’s E-Ticketing Technologies and distribution services. The new, long-term agreement extends a successful partnership between Air Turks and Caicos and Travelport.

“Air Turks and Caicos has depended on the reliability, accuracy and efficiency of Travelport’s hosting service for many years. Due to our expansion and new requirements, our partnership with Travelport is also growing,” said Lyndon R. Gardiner, president and chief executive officer for Air Turks and Caicos. “This is an important investment in our future and a natural fit given Travelport’s proven technologies, professionalism and consistent high levels of support.”

“Both Air Turks and Caicos and TCI Skyking have been Travelport Meridian customers, and it is a vote of confidence that Air Turks and Caicos is expanding its use of our systems and technologies at a time of growth,” said Sue Powers, president, IT Services & Software by Travelport. “This agreement will continue to deliver the benefits of a centralized hosting platform and new revenue opportunities through interline e-ticketing and expanded distribution capabilities. It’s a great example of the innovative technology solutions ITSS is delivering to airline customers globally.”



Travelport Meridian is a leading multi-host system for airlines, offering complete reservations management, inventory management and departure control systems. Meridian-hosted airlines have access to Travelport’s recognized global fares and pricing products and exclusive value-add tools, such as the Travelport Rapid Reprice product for re-pricing tickets and the Travelport e-Pricing product for lowest-fare shopping. The Meridian portfolio of products also includes the Travelport Interchange Suite, a growing collection of industry-leading translation and message switching tools that support interactive functions between airline partners, from reservations processing to interline e-ticketing (IET) and inter-airline through check-in (IATCI).



Travelport’s Meridian hosting and IT solutions, used by airlines globally for nearly 30 years, are customized to serve the unique requirements and diverse business models of international, regional and low-cost carriers. The solutions are developed and fully supported by IT Services & Software by Travelport, a new division of Travelport established to meet the evolving IT and marketing requirements of airlines, hotels, car rental companies, meta-search providers and other non-travel agency customers worldwide. IT Services & Software by Travelport also provides business intelligence and analysis solutions for airlines and other travel industry participants. More information about IT Services & Software by Travelport is available at: