Mexico’s tourist industry begins to recover

Data from cheap flight site Skyscanner shows that searches for flights to Mexico have risen by 15.5% since they reached their lowest point in early May 09, after health fears deterred travellers from visiting the country.Although some travel companies did suspend their holidays to Mexico, the Swine Flu virus did not cause the widespread death and disruption that was initially feared, and the Foreign Office has now lifted its warning against ‘all but essential travel’ to Mexico.

Skyscanner typically sees a short term drop in searches for destinations following major incidents, but the falls tend to be short lived and visitor numbers soon recover as long as the incidents are not sustained.

Barry Smith, Skyscanner co-founder and director commented:

“Skyscanner’s data shows that travellers are rarely deterred for long. Just look at Thailand; in December 2008, thousands of holidaymakers were stranded during major political protests which closed Bangkok’s two main airports. But this summer the country is the most popular long haul destination for UK travellers, up 241% in popularity on Skyscanner compared to last year.”