Bangkok Hospital Set to Blitz Spa and Wellness Tourism as Well as Medical Tourism in 2009

Bangkok Hospital has revamped its Health and Beauty service offering, coinciding with the release of SpaFinder’s Top Ten Spa Trends to Watch in 2009 naming the blending of hospitals with medical spas one of their top trends for 2009.Bangkok Hospital recently added several new massage services to their Healthy and Beauty offering. Patients can now access several spa-type treatments in-room at Bangkok Hospital, including:

?  Full body Thai massages

?  Hour-long foot massages

?  Therapeutic Western style massages

?  Manicures and pedicures

?  Hair styling services

SpaFinder has named the blending of medical treatment with spas and tourism as third in its list of Top Ten Spa Trends to Watch in 2009. President of SpaTrends, Susie Ellis, notes that “for 2009, whether it’s ... the rise of wellness tourism or diagnostics—there’s never been more breeding going on in the spa Petri dish”. This increasing combination of medical and spa services is the report’s flagship prediction, and appears third in the list of top ten trends.

Bangkok Hospital fits neatly into the report’s forecasts. SpaFinder advises to “watch for the line between spas, medical spas and hospitals to become ever more creatively blended”, and Bangkok Hospital has been leading the trend.

Chris Sharasuvana, the hospital’s e-marketing manager, believes that the spa offering is an important part of the hospital’s services. “It not only helps differentiate us from Western hospitals and draw first-time patients to Bangkok Hospital, these services play an important part in the speed of recovery, positivity and mental resilience of our patients”, Mr Sharasuvana noted. “We couldn’t do without them”, he added.