RTP unwraps new RockResorts sites

Resort Technology Partners has announced the unveiling of thirteen newly enhanced resort Web sites for their client, RockResorts International. Each of these new online destinations can be accessed through the main RockResorts site located at www.rockresorts.com. RockResorts is the operator of a renowned collection of luxury resort hotels including the Lodge at Vail, CO, and The Landings, St. Lucia. In early 2009, RockResorts engaged RTP to create a new visual experience for visitors to their sites, and to enhance the usability, functionality and search engine viability of each unique RockResorts online destination.

RTP’s professional approach to advanced Web site design incorporates the latest in Flash technology, site imagery, inspiring layouts, ease of accessibility, and robust reservation and booking systems. Each of these elements have been implemented by RTP in the new RockResorts sites in order to effectively make online visitors aware of the world-class amenities and awe-inspiring locations at each alluring RockResorts property.

“Guests of RockResorts expect unparalleled service and exquisite experiences during their visits at our luxury destinations,” said Daniel Swanson, Corporate Marketing Manager, E-Commerce at RockResorts & Vail Resorts Hospitality. “Our new RTP-designed Web sites immediately convey these qualities and experiences.”

In addition to the design and development of these sophisticated Web sites, RTP also partnered with EngineWorks, Inc., a professional search engine marketing (SEM) company, to ensure that these new RockResorts sites feature proper search engine optimization (SEO) enhancements. The integration of these SEO elements into each new site ensures that they will be easily found by individuals who are shopping online for resort destinations.

“RockResorts understands that a visually stunning online presence that effectively sells the experience of the resort is a key aspect of online success but only one aspect. Usability - both for potential guests exploring the site and for search engines that will aid in the promotion of the sites - is also vitally important which is why they worked with RTP to create their exciting new sites,” said Scott Gustlin, Vice President of RTP Interactive at Resort Technology Partners. “We are privileged to have had the opportunity to work closely with this hallmark client in creating these extremely engaging resort Web sites.”