Financially savvy travellers turn to prepaid cards!

The multi-currency cards, sometimes referred to as plastic traveller’s cheques, are becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers who want the convenience of a bank card without worrying about overspending, hidden charges or security. Research from Travelex, the leading global provider of travel money, shows that rising sales of prepaid cards have contributed to the demise of the traditional traveller’s cheque, with sales down 30 per cent year-on-year to date in 2009 and sales of its Co-operative Travel Cash Passport have risen by 400 per cent in just three months. The Co-operative Travel Cash Passport fits conveniently into a pocket and helps to keep a rein on holiday spending. With the holiday season approaching, Travelex has identified the top five reasons not to leave home without The Co-operative Travel Cash Passport:

1.    Know what things cost - the exchange rate is fixed at time of purchase and there aren’t any hidden charges meaning no nasty surprises on bank statements when you get home

2.    Stick to budget - the cards are preloaded with a set amount of cash in a choice of currencies (although if you need extra funds the Cash Passport can be topped up by phone or online)

3.    Free customer service - award winning 24 / 7 global emergency assistance

4.    Protect from loss or theft* - the cards are PIN and signature protected so that no-one else can access your funds


5.    Wide acceptance - use the card at more than 1.8 million ATMs, restaurants, shops and bars around the world.