New Zealand Luxury launches the ultimate charity auction

New Zealand Luxury’s innovative “Give it Up to Live it Up” charity auction has already generated substantial media interest worldwide.
The auction will go live early next week on ebay and can be tracked down online via the auction link listed on
The auction runs for 10 days and offers one lucky couple the chance to Live it UP in the lap of luxury in New Zealand for a month from just $1! New Zealand Luxury is made up of 19 leading luxury tourism operators offering the countrys most diverse collection of exclusive travel products
Each member has offered a substantial donation to the auction worth $1500 or more to make up the total NZ$33,000 package.

The package includes 4 weeks worth of luxury accommodation at some of New Zealand’s leading lodges, boutique hotels and one of the world’s most exclusive private villas.

The lucky couple will also have the chance to fly in style aboard their own private jet and experience several once in a lifetime helicopter accessed adventures. On top of that they will also have the chance to cruise aboard their own private yacht and be chauffeur driven in luxury vehicles through some of New Zealand’s most stunning natural scenery

The New Zealand based Untouched World clothing brand has partnered with New Zealand Luxury (see Their philosophy is based on a sustainable approach to business involving a wide range of social, cultural and environmental objectives. Its world leading approach has resulted in it being the first fashion company in the world to be recognised by the United Nations for sustainability. Untouched World clothing is proudly worn all over the world by well known celebrities and media personalities.

The Untouched World Charitable Trust will be the sole beneficiary of all funds raised from this charity auction. Every dollar “given up” or earned by way of this online auction will help fund one of the trust’s many youth lead environmentally focused projects based in New Zealand.


The Untouched World clothing company is also giving away NZ$2000 worth of mens and womens clothing as part of this exciting promotion.