Intelligent Hotels Launches Patented ‘Speed’ Program

Intelligent Hotels, Inc. (the evolution of OZone Strategic Marketing) continues to develop cutting-edge revenue growth strategies for the hospitality industry.  The company’s newest program - SPEED (Security, Profitability, Efficiency, Education, Deliverability) enables hotel clientsto increase bookings, incremental income and REVPAR with state-of-the-art revenue management applications combining existing technology with a fully dedicated outsourced staff.“Turbulent times call for a comprehensive and aggressive revenue management program,” said Laura Osborne, VP, Sales & Business Development for Intelligent Hotels.  “With Intelligent Hotels in-depth knowledge of the infrastructure involved in reservations products and services, property management systems and interface support technologies, we continue to develop new strategies that help hotels in times like the current economic downturn,” she added.

Through ever-changing demand cycles, Intelligent Hotels has been developing effective pricing and distribution strategies for the hospitality industry since 1999.  Intelligent Hotels’ global team of Senior Revenue Management Specialists have worked together with hundreds of hotels over the last 10 years to enhance each property’s position within their local market.

“We develop strong sales, distribution and channel management strategies and implement aggressive pricing tactics that yield quick results, at a fraction of the cost of internal staff,” Osborne said.

“In some cases we just help hotel teams get to the next level, in other cases we cover A - Z for the hotel…but in every case, we get the results that hotels need, especially now,” she added.

An example of a recent success story includes a 230-room luxury boutique hotel in New York City that lost their on-site/dedicated Revenue Manager.  Every effort was being made by the remaining team to follow basic revenue management principals, but time was tight, operational issues took priority, and revenue opportunities were being missed.



Within days of bringing Intelligent Hotels on board, a strategic plan was put in-place targeting pricing and distribution activity, and daily contact was established with the on-site team to educate and understand the aggressive customized strategies that were proposed.


“By the end of the fourth month of service, in the midst of this current economic climate, the hotel achieved a 40% year-over-year growth in RevPAR Index,” according to Osborne.  “For the first time in the history of the hotel, they were ranked number one in ‘Dollar Value’ RevPAR and RevPAR Index within their competitive set,” she added.


The result, according to Osborne, was that “management was secure in the knowledge that every opportunity was being captured and maximized; the sales team was quoting the new strategies with confidence; all channels were being properly managed; and new strategies and opportunities were being put forward and negotiated by the Intelligent Hotels team on a daily basis.


With the Intelligent Hotels’ team of experts and new SPEED system, clients receive laser-sharp daily focus on both top and bottom line revenue management.  The Intelligent Hotels’ team hits the ground running, fully versed on the best practices of the industry and, most importantly, your competitive set.


Intelligent Hotels’ business relationships are customized to the needs of each hotel client. Services range from weekly pricing and inventory management, to short-term interim revenue management services, to optimizing or centralizing revenue management efforts for multi-hotel portfolios. 


“We have developed a broad range of programs designed to create, grow and sustain an aggressive revenue management culture for any client,” said Osborne.


“There IS demand out there….you just have to work smarter to capture it,” concluded Osborne.