A Long Awaited Concept In Responsible Travel

Eco Luxury, a collaboration of the best retreats in the world, is helping change the focus of luxury tourism. It is fast becoming an established brand which combines all that is eco with all that is luxury, demonstrating that the two can go hand in hand. The collaboration is being showcased in the form of a book and new website and demonstrates how the luxury tourism market is actively contributing to protecting nature, cultural identity and promoting responsible business practices within their destinations. The book and website offers readers and members an exclusive insight into new developments in the luxury travel industry by providing detailed information about new eco luxury properties launching this year. It also enables readers to feel safe in the knowledge that these properties are actually as eco and luxury as they claim, having had to pass a strict criteria. With over 90 luxury retreats from around the world including big name brands such as Six Senses, Banyan Tree and Emirates Hotel Resorts already involved, Eco Luxury is set to lead the way in responsible travel.

Eco Luxury works by providing a brand name to its members and representing a bench mark in the tourism industry. Members are carefully selected through a specific four stage criteria: 1) natural resources and landscapes; nature preservation as well as reduction in the use of natural resources 2) economic re-investment; re-investment back into the community, helping to find sustainable re-development. 3) Social/Cultural input; are the retreats contributing to a school to educate the local community? 4) Quality of life; do they reach a high standard of service? Are the retreats luxurious and high quality? Once all these areas are fulfilled a retreat can be a part of Eco Luxury.

“The 2009 Eco Luxury publication and the new website, www.ecoluxury.comabout-us will be a prestigious showcase for the members of Eco Luxury, and will provide information on how luxury tourism is dynamic and sensitive to market trends.” says Enrico Ducrot founder of Eco Luxury. He believes Eco Luxury will take the travel industry into the right direction especially considering the current economic climate.

“New consumer types are gradually taking ground, but this is not the consequence of the annual income level reducing. The effect of the global crisis is accelerating this process. The nature of this historical change is complex but we are all increasingly aware that tourism is at a turning point of an entire development model. I hope that Eco Luxury can always be a mark of reference not only in tourism, but can continue to contribute positively to the success of all those companies who believe that environmental protection is of common interest and non-partisan”