Cuba warms to Conran £263m mega-resort

Cuba is set to become home to a international golf and hotel complex designed by Terence Conran. The £263 million project features plans to include an 18-hole golf course, boutique hotel, apartments and three restaurants.

The project, which is scheduled to open by 2012, is being built in partnership with D&D, the group that bought the restaurant chain from Sir Terence Conran.Chief executive Des Gunewardena told the Daily Mail: “This will be the first luxury resort in Cuba. President Obama is relaxing restrictions on the country and it is rapidly opening up. It is set to become more important as a tourist destination and key to our expansion.”

“We are broadening the geographical spread of our business. We want to replicate the success we have had in London and it makes sense to develop a business that is not just dependent on the fate of one city.”

“Our ideal situation is to have a number of restaurants and hotels in various countries.”

The announcement comes as the is the first major expansion drive by D&D London, which now operates Le Pont de la Tour, Quaglino’s and the 30 restaurants created by Conran.