Savoy Sharm El Sheikh opens Soho Square

Egypt’s Savoy Resort and Spa Sharm El Sheikh is opening Soho Square, a unique shopping, dining and entertainment experience that gives New York and London’s finest a run for their money.

Mary Mae met Chairman Emad Aziz to find out just how the Anglo Egyptian family-run resort, which was voted “World’s Leading Dive Resort” at the 2008 World Travel Awards, has gone from strength since its opening in 2000, and what we can expect from its latest offering Soho Square.The resort is also thriving in the current economic climate as passengers shun Eurozone destinations for the likes of Egypt and Turkey.

BTN: This is a very exciting time for you on the eve of your Soho project fully opening. Can you tell me a little about it?

EA: Yes, this is a project that Sharm has needed for quite some time now and finally after 18 months of building and planning we are proud to open it to the public.

The project will give a huge amount of choice to our clients for unbelievable value with the choice of six restaurants, a typically British pub, a nightclub that can rival any European nightclub and an ice bar, as well as a choice of child-friendly family entertainment venues.

BTN: The idea of having an ice bar in the middle of the desert is quite different.


EA: Yes, it’s is the first IceBar in the world that is not owned by Absolute Vodka, which means that you can cool off from the heat and try a full selection of drinks, alcoholic or non alcoholic, hot or cold!
Not only do we have the ice bar, we have also created an entire ice rink in the middle of the desert as part of the family entertainment.

BTN: What a novel idea, I am sure that is a big hit with the families. What else do you provide for family entertainment?

EA: Within the Soho Square complex we have ice skating, bowling lanes and the “Culturama” cinema experience which teaches you all about Egypt’s colourful history in air-conditioned comfort.

BTN: And for those travelling without children?

EA: For those travelling without children, as well as having the ice bar and the English pub, we have the Mandarin Bar and the world-famous Pangaea nightclub which regularly has famous DJs from around the world including D.J Madmud, D.J Dumbdan and the resident D.J Jay Stone.
Pangea is modelled on the European nightclub and is designed so that even when full it feels spacious and even though the music is played at top volume you can still talk to each other.

BTN: So a fully-comprehensive selection of entertainment for every member of the family then?

EA: Yes, we have tried to incorporate something for every age range and every interest, reflecting the way the resort caters to all different needs and price ranges. The Sierra, which is the young and lively place to stay, ideal for families or groups of young people looking for sun, sea and adventure. The Sierra is never boring with the events team keeping you on your toes all day and then performing interactive shows every evening.

The Savoy is for those perhaps wanting a quieter vacation. The classy atmosphere of the luxury accommodation and tranquil poolside leaves every visitor wanting just a few more days of holiday no matter how long they have booked.

Finally The Royal Savoy is for that touch of luxury you search far and wide for. Each of the spectacular villas of the Royal Savoy comes with its own private swimming pool, VIP amenities, free airport limousine transfers, private lounge where you can eat canapés and drink local alcohol all day. The Royal Savoy also provides butler service on request.

But it is important to remember that the Soho experience is open to everyone not just Savoy guests.

BTN_The eagerly anticipated opening night is scheduled for this Saturday, what can we expect?

EA: We are very much looking forward to this party and the three hotels around the new square are almost fully booked in preparation for the event. Everyone is very excited about seeing Boney M, they are sure to make sure everyone there has a fun time. We also have a Columbian band called Plenke who will be playing Latin American music and of course some traditional Egyptian dancers.

No event of this scale would be complete without a fireworks finale and combined with the square’s magnificent waterfall it is bound to be something quite extraordinary.