Kayak.com launches hotel site TravelPost.com

Kayak.com has announced the launch TravelPost.com, a hotel information site that presents hotel reviews, content and rates on more than 140,000 hotels from over 200 travel sites in one easy-to-use display.

Travelpost.com claims that consumers can visit one website for all the information needed to make an informed decision on their hotel booking. Content includes detailed descriptions, photos, maps and reviews from travelers and professionals, as well as tight integration with Kayak.com’s industry leading rate search. “Consumers and hoteliers are woefully underserved by websites like TripAdvisor.com, who appear to care more about their bottom lines than providing relevant content and a seamless experience,” said Steve Hafner, CEO and co-founder, Kayak.com.  “So we built a website that combines comprehensive search functionality, a clean, uncluttered display and unbiased results that are not auctioned off to the highest bidder. The combined power of Kayak.com and TravelPost.com will change the way people search and book hotels and reshape competition in the online travel space.”

Several factors make TravelPost.com the most powerful site for hotel information:

¯  Comprehensive, objective search:  With its advanced meta-search engine, TravelPost.com is the only hotel site to aggregate rates, availability, content and reviews from more than 200 travel sites including directly from hotel brands such as Hilton Hotels Corporation, Best Western International and Morgans Hotel Group; from online travel agencies such as Orbitz and Hotels.com; and from hotel review sites like Yahoo!Travel, Bed&Breakfast.com, IgoUgo.com , Perfect Escapes, Citysearch.com and Epinions.com.

-  TravelPost.com has no ulterior motives.  It gives the user a choice of where to purchase, rather than sending users to the site that pays the most or to another domain owned by the same parent company.


-  Unlike competitors, TravelPost.com provides all relevant hotel data, including hotel phone number, direct link to hotel’s website, contact information and pricing.  A rate calendar displays the daily rate for current and next month so users can get a snapshot of prices for each hotel.


-  Powerful filters for finding your perfect hotel: Kayak.com’s industry-leading filtering and sorting tools have been applied to hotel content which allows TravelPost.com users to quickly filter and compare hotel information from across the web.

-  Travelers can narrow in on hotel preferences by star rating, property type, brand, room type and location.

-  Users can quickly and easily find relevant reviews from travelers like them by filtering for age, gender, budget, purpose of stay (business versus leisure), and even choose which review sites to include in their search.  Reviews are attributed to the author so consumers can read additional reviews from favorite reviewers.

-  TravelPost.com features Google Maps integration enabling users to quickly view the geographic details of their search results, unlike other sites which use pop-up maps riddled with irrelevant information and ad revenue-generating links.


-  Ease of use: TravelPost.com provides an easy-to-use, clean, uncluttered user interface.  Unlike competitors, TravelPost.com is not inundated with popunders or pushy ads, so consumers are not distracted from their core search and can quickly and easily find relevant information, reviews and rates.  “Smarties” technology matches search terms quickly, so users need very little information to get started and can access relevant results fast.


TravelPost.com will enjoy the rapid rate of innovation that Kayak.com has demonstrated over the past five years.  Hotel content providers from around the globe will be added each month.  Several new tools are scheduled to launch over the next few months, rolling out on a weekly basis.  These tools include but are not limited to hotel rate alerts that notify users when a rate meets or beats their desired price, enhancements to display algorithm, recent search history displayed on homepage, improved mapping capabilities and opportunity to score reviews as helpful or not helpful.  The site will also make it easier for hoteliers to track reviews and communicate openly and honestly with unhappy consumers with a tool that supports review rebuttal and resolution.