include loss of job in travel insurance coverage

For many North Americans, ‘tis the season for summer vacation travel planning. However, many families are choosing to not travel this year because of economic uncertainty. World Nomads travel insurance now provides coverage for trip cancellation for a variety of reasons, including a lost job. “At World Nomads we believe that vacation time and international exploration are very important elements to a happy and healthy life,” says Chris Noble, General Manager of World Nomads. “But today, many people are understandably holding back on travel and saving a little more money until our global economy stabilizes. We have those travelers covered. Our travel insurance covers trip cancellation, including due to a lost job.”

Most types of travel insurance cover unfortunate circumstances such as lost baggage and illness. World Nomads understands that travelers have commitments beyond travel. Therefore, the company has created a travel insurance policy that is flexible and fits the lifestyle of even the most spontaneous traveler and one that appeals to travelers in these uncertain economic times.

World Nomads developed and perfected travel insurance for the adventure traveler, and today happily serves an ever-expanding traveler demographic. Travelers can buy, extend and claim travel insurance policies online from anywhere in the world 24/7, even after leaving home. World Nomads Travel Insurance is simple and flexible. Additionally, by offering language guides, destination information and safety tips, World Nomads provides everything to ensure each traveler is fully equipped for their adventure before departure. World Nomads also believes in giving back to local communities spanning the globe. Thus, the company has partnered with Footprints, an alliance of e-commerce businesses and their customers who fund community projects from many tiny donations collected with every online transaction, to contribute in the efforts of conserving the world’s communities and wildlife.