Caudalie Spa Opens at Les Etangs de Corot

Following the original Caudalie Spa concept in Bordeaux (which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year), as well as international satellites in Marquès De Riscal, Spain, and most recently the mythical Plaza Hotel in New York, a Caudalie Spa has finally opened right outside the City of Light. Vinothérapie® has come to Paris to cater to the many loyal fans of grape and vine derived skincare, in an exceptional setting, which is right next to the city yet feels like a world away. 
Pass through the hotel lobby and step into this new, 7,535 square-feet spa. The exceptional countryside setting and sweeping view over a peaceful lake makes this a perfect showcase for Caudalie’s Vinothérapie® Spa. Designed by Yves Collet, the architect of all the brand’s spas, the space presents all the hallmarks that make Caudalie spas so special: from the upside down bamboo garden to a muted palette illuminated by touches of colour and the surprising effect of Brazilian Louro-Faia wood from sustainable development forests. The wood’s glazed grey-brown finish adds mystery to the overall effect, which recalls shagreen or beads of water shimmering on wood. 
Access to the spa begins with the cloakroom section, the water massage room and the relaxation room. In the latter, one can appreciate the gentle music of water running over a stone wall created in architectural relief before it continues its course over a carpet of pebbles to form an aquatic mirror over the polished floor. 
Next, you cross through the garden over a pretty, covered teak pathway. At its centre is a hot tub, where nature lovers can enjoy its benefits by lounging on a submerged banquette or settling in next to the water jets for a more targeted massage. 
At the heart of the treatment area lies the relaxation room. Curtains of steel beads can be used to create individual spaces and unusual perspectives, while a silky, taupe carpet with a plum sheen brings just the right amount of color to the space. The treatment area counts seven rooms, including one VIP double room, where the celebrated Barrel Bath is located. A number of the rooms are fitted with a shower.  On the floor, earthy stoneware tiling harmonises with the light glazed chestnut walls, treated in light relief with a filigree design that invites dancing reflections of light. Bursts of pink and lavender decorate each treatment room like miniature watercolors left behind at random by a passing artist, recalling the fact that Corot was a leading artist in the mid-nineteenth century. 
Treatment rooms offer an exceptional view over the pond, with Venetian blinds creating a moucharaby lattice effect that allows clients to gaze out without being seen as they give themselves over to the magic of the place and the benefits of a Crushed Cabernet Scrub, a Honey and Wine Wrap, or a Wine Maker’s Massage.